CDCat - CD indexing


CDCat is an indexing program. It indexes the current CD or looks up a certain file on the already indexed CDs.

If you have tons of CDs and you can't keep track of them, or if you ever need a file from a CD and you don't know where to start looking, maybe CDcat could be of help.

I wrote CDcat because I once needed to find a file that I didn't have on the hard drive and I didn't know where to look for it. The basic syntax for finding a file on the indexed CDs is cdcat -f <regexp>. If you want to make it case insensitive, you put -i after -f, and if you want to display all the files that don't have <regexp> in their names, -v. Most grep arguments can be specified, as what the program does is actually a grep interogation. So, for example, cdcat -f -vi a will look on all indexed CDs for all files that don't have the "a" or "A" letters in their names. Usually, what you would need it to do, would be cdcat -f -i filename (which will look for all files that have the case insensitive string "filename" in their names) and just cdcat (which will index the current CD).

For additional help on how to use the program, you can try cdcat --help after installation.


Current version:

Old releases:


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